Why Do We HEART Our In-Kind Supporters? Let Us Count The Ways


It’s hard to believe. But we’re now a month into 2024 – and less than a week away from one of ALAN’s favorite holidays.

We’re talking, of course, about ALANtine’s Day, that special time of year when we take a moment to show some extra love for all of our extraordinary supporters.

This year instead of flowers or candy, we’d like to give you something that’s much more meaningful: a quick look back at some of the most memorable in-kind donations ALAN has received since last ALANtine’s Day.

Some of these donations supported relief efforts for the Maui wildfires – or for the many people who still struggle to put food on the table. Others helped deliver aid for survivors of various tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. But all of them add up to 954,602 additional reasons why our hearts are especially full this year.

500,000 Disaster survivors that were able to be fed with the 150 pallets of frozen pork that United States Cold Storage stored for seven months on behalf of Operation BBQ Relief
300,000 Meals that Operation BBQ Relief was able to serve Hurricane Idalia survivors more quickly with the help of Raymond Corporation’s donated pallet jack
81,000 Pounds of bottled water (63,360 individual bottles) donated by Niagara Bottling that DRBA recently moved across Mississippi to assist Keep Jackson Beautiful with future disaster relief efforts
43,000 Pounds of construction materials that an anonymous donor transported from Minnesota to Louisiana so the Louisiana Community Organization For Rural Development could assist 6,000 people with post-disaster rebuilding efforts
15,368 Miles that CEVA Logistics has covered in order to help ALAN fill more than 12 (!) ALAN requests for 11 different non-profit organizations over the past year
5,000 Families that Truckers Safety, Support and Supply Fleet is now able to serve with donations of food and water more efficiently each year thanks to a donated forklift from Carolina Handling
1,872 Number of clean up kits that an anonymous donor transported to Florida and Georgia for post-Hurricane Idalia clean-up efforts
1,857 Pounds of communications hardware, internet connectivity gear and weather radios that The UPS Foundation and Coyote Logistics flew to Maui in order to help Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) restore critical communications technology on the island after the Maui fires
1,572 Pallets of bottled water (121,467 individual bottles) that ALAN helped Congo Brands transport to Feeding America to assist with hydration activities
1,200+ Oregon fire survivors that received much-needed supplies of cleansing cloths, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and other hygiene materials after an anonymous donor made a delivery on behalf of The Moore Wright Group
1,061 Miles that an anonymous donor sponsored shipment of female hygiene materials to support Southern Border Crisis relief efforts in Texas
1,000 Boxes that International Paper provided to help support Rebuild Bay County’s (Florida) recent flood relief efforts
812 Miles that an anonymous donor transported 24 pallets of cabinets in order to assist with post-Hurricane Laura and post-Hurricane Delta home rebuilding efforts in Louisiana
252 Pounds that an anonymous donor sponsored shipment of educational materials to support Mennonite Disaster Service’s disaster education initiatives across the United States.
250 Donated mattresses for Maui fire survivors that States Logistics transloaded in Long Beach, California on behalf of Peace Builders
113 ALAN-logoed rain jackets that Verst Logistics fulfilled and TeePublic shipped to ALAN financial donors last spring
100 Gaylord boxes that Rengo Packaging provided in order to help a Hawai’ian non-profit sort through and organize donations for Maui fire survivors
50-100 Families per week that California’s Gods Little Voices has been able to provide with hunger relief thanks in part to a loaned forklift and two donated pallet jacks from Precision Material Handling and an anonymous donor
23 Pallets of tissue wipes that Schneider transported from Indiana to Louisiana to help support Hearts 2 Serve’s ongoing poverty relief efforts
13 Pallet jacks that NOBLELIFT has donated to help ALAN partners like African American Association of USA, International Rescue Committee, UNCHR, Hearts 2 Serve, Truckers Safety, Support And Supply Fleet, and the NYC Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers with their poverty, refugee and hunger relief efforts
2 Cases of stretch wrap that Adventist Community Services received from The New Warehouse to help with tornado recovery efforts in Arkansas
2 20-foot containers that The UPS Foundation transported to Reading, Pennsylvania, to assist the Berks County COAD with Northeast flood response
2 Pallets of masks and gloves that RTI International donated to support FODAC’s ongoing humanitarian activities
1 Pallet jack Walmart donated to help our non-profit partners at ‘Ohana Wa’a sort through the mountain of donations they received after the Maui fires
1 Forklift that Briggs Equipment loaned Louisiana’s Hearts 2 Serve so it could run its community support operations more efficiently
1 Electric Forklift that ePicker loaned Adventist Community Services to help with Hurricane Ian relief efforts this past spring
Boundless ALAN’s gratitude to all of the above organizations for making these humanitarian efforts possible.

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