Thanks To Our Generous In-Kind Donors

Over the years ALAN has helped connect dozens of humanitarian organizations with the transportation, material handling equipment, shipping supplies and logistics space they needed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the December 2021 tornadoes, the western fires, and some of the busiest hurricane seasons on record.

Here’s a quick look at some of the needs we were able to fulfill thanks to generous in-kind donors like you.

2023 Completed Cases

Case 9222: 2 cases stretch wrap – Little Rock, AR (Tornado Response) – thank you The New Warehouse 

Case 9218: Forklift up to 4000 lb lift – 6 month no-cost loan San Bernadino County, CA (CA Winter Storms) – thank you Precision Material Handling 

Case 9218: Pallet jack donation San Bernadino County, CA (CA Winter Storms) – thank you Quinn Lift

Case 9209/9119: Transport 2 pallets durable medical equipment from Stone Mountain, GA to Lake Mary, FL (Hurricane Recovery) – thank you CEVA Logistics

Case 9208: Cold storage for 6 truckloads protein – thank you GCCA and United States Cold Storage

Case 9198: Forklift Forest Park, GA – thank you Carolina Handling 

Case 9196: Loaned forklift Palmetto, FL – thank you ePicker

Case 9193: Transport 18 pallets PPE and medical supplies from San Leandro, CA to Miami, FL – thank you UPS Foundation

2022 Completed Cases

Why We're Nuts About Uber

You may know them as the company that can ferry you from place to place. But we think of Uber as the freight company that helped us supply the free transportation required to get 35,000 pounds’ worth of donated peanut butter transported to earthquake survivors in Haiti.

A Sixth Sense For Helping

Shortly after Hurricane Ian hit, several Southwest Florida non-profits were flooded with extra requests for assistance. The six electric pallet jacks donated by our friends at Briggs Equipment, NOBLELIFT and Hy-tek enabled groups like the Harry Chapin Food Bank to handle this record demand with ease – and to distribute millions of pounds’ worth of food to hurricane survivors in just a few weeks.

Cue The Compassion

Less than three days after Hurricane Ian hit, Operation Barbecue Relief was on-site and ready to serve nearly a million hot meals – thanks in part to ALAN and in-kind donors C&S Wholesale Grocers and BJ’s Wholesale Club, who stepped in to provide vital refrigerated food storage. Meanwhile a dream team of other donors like Cowan Systems and RLS Logistics enabled us to supply the donated transportation required to ship 100,000 pounds’ worth of bread, rice, vegetables aluminum pans and frozen meals from various points across the country.

Case 9175: Transport wheelchairs from Pittsburgh, PA to Tucker, GA (for onward movement to FL) – thank you Disaster Relief by Amazon

Case 9171: Equipment and supplies donation for warehouse: 40 x 20′ x 5000’ ft stretch wrap – thank you W.W. Cannon and MHEDA

Case 9171: Transport 1 pallet stretch wrap from Dallas, TX to Coral Springs, FL – thank you CEVA Logistics 

Case 9169: Transport 3 pallet jacks from Des Plaines, IL to Fort Myers, FL pallet approx. 90″ x 30″ x 60″ – thank you CEVA Logistics 

Case 9168: Transport mattresses from Chicago, IL to Fort Myers, FL – thank you Hassett Logistics 

Case 9161: 5 electric pallet jacks Fort Myers, FL for food bank operation – thank you Briggs Equipment, NOBLELIFT and MHEDA

Case 9153: Transport 28 pallets aluminum serving pans from Antioch, IL to Port Charlotte, FL for mass feeding operation – thank you Disaster Relief by Amazon

Case 9145: Warehousing expertise – thank you AWI Logistics

Case 9144: Transport 12 pallets frozen prepared meals from Wayne, NJ to Port Charlotte, FL – thank you GCCA and RLS Logistics

Case 9143: Transport 11 pallets bread for mass feeding operation from Kentucky to Florida – thank you BJs

Case 9138: Transport 12 pallets vegetables and rice from Virginia to Fort Myers – thank you Cowan Systems

Case 9136: Transport 19 pallets canned corn from Wisconsin to Fort Myers – thank you Amazon Logistics For Good

Case 9134: Electric pallet jack – thank you Hy-Tek and MHEDA

Case 9128: 4x 40ft reefer container for mass feeding operation Port Charlotte, FL – thank you BJs and C&S Wholesale Grocers

Case 9127: Transport 4 pallets household repair supplies from Americus, GA to Naples, FL – thank you SEKO Logistics 

Case 9115: Boxes for food bank San Juan, PR – thank you Freeway Logistics and Pacific Packaging

Case 9107: Ground transport 24 pallets hygiene kits from Houston, TX to Tampa FL – thank you Amazon Logistics For Good

Case 9104: LTL Transport 5 pallets OTC medications from Bethlehem, PA to Paintsville, KY – thank you CEVA Logistics

Case 9077: Ground transportation truckload pet food and supplies from Lancaster, TX to Ripley, WV – thank you Amazon Logistics For Good

Case 9061: Transportation from Houston, TX to Bowling Green, KY – thank you Amazon Logistics For Good

Case 9058: Transport 14 pallets PPE from Lenexa, KS to Miami, FL – thank you CEVA Logistics

Case 9057: Transport 10 pallets plywood from Miami, FL area to Dover, DE – thank you Amazon Logistics For Good

Case 9056: Transport 10 pallets 4 x 8 plywood from Miami, FL to Bakersfield, CA – thank you Amazon Logistics For Good 

Case 9054: Transport 13 pallets each N95 masks from Lakeland, FL to Raleigh, NC and Lumberton, NC – thank you Schneider

Case 9053: Transport 18 pallets tarps from Joplin, MO to Madisonville, KY – thank you Amazon Logistics For Good

Case 9051: Forklift maintenance Long Island City, NY – thank you Crown Equipment

Case 9049: Stretch wrap machine for food bank Paducah, KY – thank you Highlight Industries

2021 Completed Cases

Keep On Trucking

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, ALAN and in-kind donors like CEVA were still busy providing a range of donated logistics services to various non-profits that were engaged in COVID-19 prevention efforts – including this free shipment of PPE from Salt Lake City, UT to Dulles, Virginia.

Cool Donation. Warm Heart.

Fourteen pallets of donated yogurt were in danger of going to waste until ALAN in-kind donor Burris Logistics stepped in with the free refrigerated transportation required to successfully ship them to two food banks in New Jersey.

Bertha's Her Name. Helping's Her Game.

Good Samaritan of Garland, Texas was so thrilled with this donated pallet jack (courtesy of ALAN and in-kind donor CE-DFW ) that they gave it a name. Today “Bertha” enables them to more efficiently serve 748,000 meals per year.

Case 9047: Floor scrubber for food bank Paducah, KY – thank you Tennant Company

Case 9027: Refrigerated transportation 24 pallets fresh produce from Maryland to Houma, LA – thank you Uber Freight

Case 9025: 1 pallet jack for food distribution event in New Orleans, LA – thank you Equipment Depot and MHEDA

Case 9015: Boxes to support donations management Hammond, LA – thank you International Paper

Case 9009: Forklift to support mass feeding operations Waverly, TN – thank you LiftOne and MHEDA

Case 9008: Ground transport 24 pallets/35,000 lbs food from Albany, GA to Newburgh, NY for onward movement to Haiti – thank you Uber Freight

Case 9002: Transport PPE from Salt Lake City, UT to IAD – Dulles, VA – thank you CEVA

Case 9001: Warehouse storage and handling Miami, FL to support Haiti earthquake and ongoing Caribbean response efforts – thank you WTDC, Interport Logistics and OIC

Case 8985: Transport 1 pallet N95 respirators from San Antonio, TX to Fort Worth, TX – thank you Texas Trucking Association and Double Diamond Transport

Case 8874: Electric pallet jack – thank you Carolina Handling 

Case 8841: Transport 91 pallets cardboard boxes from Williamsport, MD to Elk Grove Village, IL – thank you J.B. Hunt

Case 8846: Transport forklift from Kansas City, MO to Bakersfield, CA – thank you WieseUSA, Wagner Logistics and Port TMS/MFW

Case 8861: Discounted box truck rental for meal deliveries NY – thank you Penske

Case 8865: Donation electric pallet jack for emergency food distribution TX – thank you CE-DFW Warehouse Solutions

Case 8871: Donation pallet jack to ensure food security CA – thank you Prism Logistics

Case 8880: Transport hand sanitizer from Bedford Park, IL to Holbrook, AZ – thank you UPS

Case 8886: Transport one truckload water from FL to Houston, TX – thank you Uber Freight

Case 8966: Transport one truckload water from Lumberton, NC to Houston, TX – thank you Amazon

Case 8973: Transport juice from Random Lake, WI to Hurricane Laura Survivors DeRidder, LA – thank you Schneider

Case 8973: Transport vitamin water from Random Lake, WI to Hurricane Laura Survivors DeRidder, LA – thank you Amazon

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