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Many relief organizations urgently need forklifts, pallet jacks or in-kind logistics services such as trucking and warehousing directly before, during or after a disaster; and numerous non-profits are in dire need of them every day. (In fact, you can view many of their requests by visiting the Active Logistics Needs section of our Disaster Micro-site.)

So if your organization has a piece of equipment, service or portion of a trailer or facility that it’s willing to donate (or that you would be willing to lend out free of charge for a short period of time) use the form below to tell us more about it. ALAN will match your offer as-needed with a vetted non-profit group working on disaster or humanitarian response. American Logistics Aid Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by generous corporate and private donors, and our matching services are provided without fee to donors and recipients.

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If you are responding to a posted need, please indicate the reference number.

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Please indicate if this is a donation or for-fee offer. Note that ALAN works exclusively in a non-procurement manner. You may post for-fee offers, but ALAN is unable to offer any assistance matching these to outstanding needs. Your name will be added to a list to be shared with groups seeking paid services.

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List the industry and professional associations to which you belong. (Note that this allows us to inform our partners of their membership’s participation).

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ALAN Stories

Donations like yours made it possible for ALAN to coordinate the transport of three mobile clinics during the 2014 -2015 Ebola crisis.