Become Part Of A Life-Changing Team

We believe it’s human nature to want to help others, especially in time of duress. By joining ALAN, you recognize the extraordinary ability that coordinated logistics support can provide to communities that have been displaced by disaster.

If you’re one of the names featured on the list below, take a bow, because your ongoing sponsorship, membership or one-time donation of time, talent, equipment or funds provides much of the fuel that’s needed to keep ALAN going.

And if you’re not, we hope you’ll contact us to ask how you can become a part of our team.

Lead Sponsor






Penelope Menzies
Robert and Corinne Martichenko
David and Barbara Fultz
The Otto Family
Lewis Cole
Tom Herche


The Etherton Family
Ken Ackerman
The Richards Family
The Lahowchic Family


Dr. Patricia Daugherty
Mark and Sheila Benny
Mary Long
Arthur Kelly
Marjorie DePuy
Jonathan Sabatini
Alan Van Boven
The Fulton Family


Julee Allen
Julian Blumenthal
Janet Brennan
Brian Mozhdehi
Clyde Coleman
Jamison Day
Jan De Meulder
Laurie Denham
Theresa Garcia
Mike Gardner
George Prest
Toby Gooley
Mary Hadar
John Haggerty
Ian Mackinnon
Judith Hikes
Barbara Jaeggi
Jiajin St. Pierre
John Menzies
Aaron Parks
Leigh and Aaron Richards
Natalie Putnam
Alex and Kelly Stark
John Wagner
Daisy and Gavin Youngquist
John Nofsinger
Joe Gilliom
Stan Aronow
Mitch Kostoulakos
Mary Ann van Beuren