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ALAN Case 1372– LTL Transportation Omaha NE to Butte County CA

Approximately 5 LTL loads of 5 to 7 pallets each. Loads will be cleaning materials and school supplies.

ALAN Case 1373– Box trucks for Butte County CA

Non-profit seeking loan of 2 box trucks in Oroville CA. Requested for duration of 2 weeks to assist with distribution of supplies.


Thanks to our wonderful supporters these needs have been filled:

ALAN Case 1371– Full Truckload Transportation Omaha NE to Butte County CA

Transportation of 1 full truckload cleaning supplies.

We appreciate your help in filling these immediate needs: 

Case 1297 – Transportation – Richmond to Chicago

Non-profit seeking donation of transportation for warehouse racking. Deliver from Richmond VA to Chicago IL

Case 1366 – Transportation – Wichita, KS to Panama City, CA

Transportation of two (2) twenty foot mobile clinics. These are standard shipping containers .


Thanks to our wonderful supporters these needs have been filled:

ALAN Case 1268 – Warehouse Space for up to 100 pallets in Atlanta for up to 3 months

ALAN Case 1265 – Warehouse Space – Winston Salem, NC preferred Seeking 10,000 – 30,000 sqft donated warehouse space in Winston Salem area, willing to consider any location within the state of NC, for 3 – 6 months, immediate occupancy for animal rescue activities.

ALAN Case 1272 – Warehouse Space – Raleigh, NC
Requesting 6,500 sq. ft. with some temperature-controlled space in the Raleigh area. Will need shipping/receiving as well as handling to break pallets down for shipping.

ALAN Case 1262 – Material Handling Equipment – Multiple locations NC
Seeking loan of 2 propane forklifts and 2 electric pallet jacks for 5 – 6 locations for 3 – 6 months. (Total 10 – 12 forklifts, 10 – 12 pallet jacks) Forklifts should have indoor/outdoor tires, 6,000 lb lift capacity, and mast height capable of reaching 3 high Locations are: Raleigh / Durham, NC; Wilmington, NC; Newbern, NC; Greenville, NC; Southern Pines, NC

Case 1290 Transportation Oklahoma City OK to Fayetteville NC
Seeking transportation of 24 pallets / 18,000 pounds of food and cleaning supplies for NC local non-profit.

Case 1315 – Box truck and 2 flatbeds to supply points of distribution in Jackson and Bay counties.

Case 1326: Organization needs file/bankers boxes for records as well as boxes for storage. Panama City, FL

Case 1330 – Non-profit looking for Forklifts, Tallahassee, FL

Case 1331 – Non-profit looking for Manual Pallet Jacks, Tallahassee, FL

Case 1345 – Transportation of alternate power solutions from CA to Panama City, FL

Case 1351 – Short term loan of pallet jack, Panama City, FL

Case 1352- Best pricing for box truck rentals

Don’t see a need that pertains to you or your organization? Consider pre-offering your expertise, transportation, warehousing or material handling support by filling out a form here. You never know when it will be needed.

From The Driver’s Seat: Notes From ALAN’S Executive Director

An Attitude of Gratitude

My family is planning a big Thanksgiving this year. My husband will do all the cooking, while I’ll bake the pies and do the dishes. (It’s not really a fair trade – he’s a great cook, but a messy one.) I have family of all ages coming from across the U.S., and our house will be full of love, laughter, and gratitude as we join together to celebrate another year.

Chances are you have similar plans, because giving thanks is a big part of every American’s November calendar (or October calendar if you’re Canadian).

Meanwhile, here at ALAN, it’s a different story – because I have a job that inspires me to be thankful every day of the year, especially lately.

Don’t get me wrong. Disasters definitely aren’t anything to celebrate, and I’d certainly sacrifice a turkey wishbone to have skipped the hurricanes, floods, and fires we’ve seen in 2018.

However what I am thankful for is the many non-profits that showed up to help. Many of those non-profits called on ALAN this year for support. And ALAN in turn called on the logistics community.

Which is where you come in. I’m so grateful that you all answered the call – and that you did so in such a big and generous way.

Among other things warehouses opened their doors to stage and store supplies. Equipment distributors loaned and donated things like forklifts and pallet jacks. Trucking companies moved food, hygiene items, hydration, power, and other commodities. Staff at our industry and professional association partners made phone calls and introductions to help us find these critical donations. And volunteers kept our communications flowing, managed projects, raised funds and shared the ALAN story.

At the end of the day, each of these activities meant a little less suffering for someone whose life had just been turned upside down by disaster. And that is something to celebrate indeed.

It saddens me to know that many of those who were affected by this year’s disasters won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving in their own homes on November 22 – and that they probably won’t be able to return for many months as they clean up and rebuild. But I am heartened to know that there are so many wonderful organizations supporting those communities now and into the future. And I’m grateful that ALAN and our partners will be here to help them recover.

So, long after my nephew sneaks the last bite of pumpkin pie, I’ve washed the hundredth dirty dish and my sister tells my daughter my most embarrassing secrets from my teenage years, I’ll still be feeling thankful. And when I bow my head over a bounteous feast and say grace with my family, I’ll slip in a word of thanks for you.

Kathy Fulton
Executive Director

Your Donation Helps Many!

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