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Use the form below to request material handling equipment for disaster and humanitarian activities. ALAN will review your request and contact you to discuss your needs. Matching services are provided without fee to donors and recipients. American Logistics Aid Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by generous corporate and private donors. Learn more about the companies and associations that support us at:

Select the category that best fits your organization. Name the specific crisis for which you are making this request. If you are supporting ongoing humanitarian efforts, please say so. Enter the first and last name of the point of contact for this request. Enter the email of the point of contact for this request. Enter the phone of the point of contact for this request. Briefly describe your plan for distributing these items and whom they will help. Select the type of logistics support you are seeking. Briefly describe the equipment you are requesting, including quantities required. If your request is for a forklift, please describe the required capacities and operating environment. Please provide estimated date the equipment is needed. Please provide the postal code where the equipment will be used. Please describe the type of equipment needed and its intended use. Please provide estimated duration of need. Please include any additional information you feel important regarding this request.

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Note:  If you’re a carrier who wants ALAN to connect you with FEMA for work or new business opportunities, we’re sorry to say that you’re not in the right place.  While we at ALAN would like to be of help, we’re solely a non-profit who serves other non-profits, and we’re not able to assist with any other requests at this time.  Our best advice is to recommend that you contact FEMA directly using the links below as a starting point.   We hope you’ll find them helpful, and we wish you every success. (Once there, scroll down to the “How to do Business With FEMA” section.) (Once there, scroll down to the “Becoming A FEMA-Approved Transportation Provider” section.)