Pallet Jack(pot)

While numerous Olympians are preparing to set world records in Paris, the team at ALAN is enjoying a record year of its own thanks to the largest pallet jack donation in its 19-year history. It all started in 2022, when the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, responding to ALAN’s request for help with Hurricane Ian […]

MHE, Myself And I

Think you can’t make a substantial contribution to disaster relief because you’re not a doctor, EMT or first responder? Think again. In this exclusive article, ALAN’s Communications Director, Lori Lockman, explains why being able to share a piece of material handling equipment may be one of the most important superpowers of all. As a kid, […]

Sing Along With ALAN – How To Help Edition

Move over, Weird Al. ALAN’s offbeat songwriter is back – and this time she’s decided to tackle one of the biggest donation challenges that relief organizations face, especially after disasters like hurricanes. (Sing to the tune of “I Will Survive”) At first it seemed so great – a collection drive! My water and canned goods […]

Test Your Flood IQ

April showers may be over. But it’s still raining questions here at ALAN, where we’ve just put the finishing touches on our latest “Test Your Disaster Readiness” challenge. So put on your thinking caps, get out your pretend buzzers and “wet’s” see how much you really know about flood preparation and safety.  1. How many […]

(Marsh) Mellowing Out About Hurricane Season

I am not a patient person. A grad school professor once asked my class how we would respond if we were one of the students in the famous “Stanford marshmallow test.” While my peers seemed evenly divided between immediately eating the marshmallow or waiting, I confessed that I’d eat my marshmallow, then beat up the […]

It’s Time To Get Ultra-Ready

During late March and early April many of you probably spent several hours watching March Madness, the Masters Tournament – or both. By contrast, I spent my time avidly following the 38th annual Barkley Marathons, where just a few weeks ago, history was made. Even if you’re not a runner, this 100-mile, ultramarathon event is […]

Here’s Looking At U2

Last month, I had one of those experiences that you remember for the rest of your life – I saw U2 live in concert at the Sphere in Las Vegas! I could probably stop right there because what could be cooler than that? But the equally cool thing is, it was completely spur of the […]

Check Your Logo At The Door

Whether you work for a business or non-profit, chances are good that it has a logo – and that this visual representation of your brand goes hand-in-hand with almost everything your organization does. In fact, most of us wouldn’t dream of producing anything like business cards, ads, letterhead or corporate swag without one. Which makes […]

Why Do We HEART Our In-Kind Supporters? Let Us Count The Ways

It’s hard to believe. But we’re now a month into 2024 – and less than a week away from one of ALAN’s favorite holidays. We’re talking, of course, about ALANtine’s Day, that special time of year when we take a moment to show some extra love for all of our extraordinary supporters. This year instead […]