Why Do We HEART Our In-Kind Supporters? Let Us Count The Ways

It’s hard to believe. But we’re now a month into 2024 – and less than a week away from one of ALAN’s favorite holidays. We’re talking, of course, about ALANtine’s Day, that special time of year when we take a moment to show some extra love for all of our extraordinary supporters. This year instead […]

Test Your Winter Storm Readiness

Oh the weather outside is frightful, which is why it feels like the perfect time to brrrrrrrr-ing you this latest installment in ALAN’s popular “Test Your Disaster Readiness” series.  So put on your thinking caps, get your keyboards and phones ready – and let us “snow” how your winter storm preparedness measures up.  1. According […]

Paint Life Grand

Each year at Christmas, my daughter and I buy each other one inexpensive, frivolous gift. This year we somehow both ended up gifting one another coloring books. The book she gave me was of the “paint with water” variety where you reveal the hidden colors on the page by running a water-dipped paintbrush over what […]

The Maui Wildfires: A Whole Community Approach In Moving Donations

Authored by Alexia Nobles In the first few weeks of the Maui wildfire response, a tsunami of product donations flooded the island, overwhelming first responders on the ground. The influx of donations was so large that sorting and distributing came to a virtual standstill, which is where ALAN stepped in. As part of the disaster’s […]

Sing Along With ALAN (A Festive Fundraising Announcement)

It’s almost Christmas – and we all know what that means. So grab a cup of eggnog and get ready to fa la la right along with us as we present this heart-warming rendition of our latest holiday ditty.   (Sing to the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) We’re holding a year-end […]

I “Do”nate: A Wedding War Story

If I seem to look considerably older than I did at this time last year, there’s a reasonable explanation. I spent the first third of 2023 as the Mother of the Bride. (And if you don’t know why that would prematurely age a person, you clearly don’t have daughters.) I learned a lot through the […]

Hurricane Damage “Meats” Logistics Compassion

In the aftermath of devastating hurricane damage, a non-profit specializing in hunger relief was ready to stage its largest deployment ever and feed close to a million people – even though multiple logistical hurdles like flooded roadways, blocked bridges and a larger-than-anticipated need for supplies stood in its way.   Hurricane Ian made landfall in western […]