Try Your Luck With These Disaster-Themed Limericks

It’s St. Patrick’s Day – and in addition to wearing green, we’ve got limericks on the brain. So we decided to try our hand at writing a few in order to share some helpful disaster advice. And since computer-generated copy seems to be the next big craze, we asked ChatGPT to do the same. You’ll […]

Our Perfect Bracket

As I write this, the U.S. is just weeks away from falling under the spell of March Madness. Millions of people eagerly tune into this roundball marathon each year, including many who spend hours putting together what’s known as their brackets. Madness indeed! Reportedly, no one has ever succeeded in building a perfect one (read: […]

All Is Bright

Light is always on my mind at this time of year. Maybe it’s because light figures prominently in the Christmas and Hanukkah stories as well as other holidays that are celebrated this month. Or perhaps it’s because we’re drawing close to the winter solstice, when sunlight is in such short supply (yes, even in sunny […]

(Months) Upon A Time: The Long Tale Of Hurricane Recovery

When you’ve been married as long as I have, a funny thing starts to happen. At some point, you not only feel like you’ve heard your spouse tell a particular story more times than you can count, you also wish you could just fast forward to the end. (Admit it. We’ve all been there!) The […]

They Just Want To Help

I visited Fort Myers today. I’ve been to areas affected by disaster before but rarely so soon afterwards, and what I saw was both heart-breaking and emotionally taxing.   I started out at the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Among other things, they lost part of the roof of the building and at least half of […]

An Important Reminder (And A Thank You)

Hello friends, I had an unexpected reminder this morning as I was driving to my office of just how important your support of ALAN is to those we serve. As I think most of you know, I live in Southern California – the land of freeways, masses of people always on the move, traffic, and […]

The Loss, And The Hope In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian

Ordinarily I am a glass-half-full kind of person. But when I look at what’s happened to the residents of Florida and the Carolinas this past week I find myself at a loss, especially since it comes on the heels of Hurricane Fiona hitting Puerto Rico and Canada. The images of Hurricane Ian’s debris and devastation […]

Updated Hurricane Ian Situation Report

Friends – thank you for your calls, texts, and emails. I’ve talked with several of our non-profit partners today and the scale of their planned response is mind-boggling. I’m intentionally avoiding the adjectives unprecedented and historic; I think those words should be retired from the dictionary. Someone please call Merriam Webster. As we begin the […]