Getting Ready For Hurricane Idalia: ALAN’s Five Key Takeaways For Your Company

As Hurricane Idalia approaches landfall, ALAN is busy preparing, and we are encouraging all of our partners to do the same. With that in mind, we’d like to share five pre-storm takeaways that we feel it’s especially essential for you and your organizations to be aware of. We hope you’ll find them helpful. Because this […]

An Update On ALAN’s Hawai’i Response

Dear ALAN Friends: By now you’ve undoubtedly seen the many news reports about the devastating fires that hit the island of Maui. We mourn for those who’ve lost family members, friends and homes, not to mention most of their hometown. And we have already begun actively supporting relief efforts. After a disasters hit, it’s not […]

Happy Brag Day

It’s almost Flag Day. But until then, all of us at ALAN are busy celebrating another important holiday that we like to call Brag Day. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, we did invent it. How could you tell?) It’s a day when we remember some of the amazing in-kind donors who have selflessly helped […]

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season? Part 4

We love that you want to help following a disaster. We all want to help in our own ways. But please don’t overthink this… You do not have to be MacGyver and make things up along the way. We’ve all heard stories about food, bottled water and other donations (PPE / hand sanitizer) not making […]

No Chicken Exit Required

A few weeks ago my daughter scored us tickets to a special preview of the new TRON roller coaster at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters, so I didn’t quite share her excitement. But I promised to be brave and ride alongside her. As we walked through the queue, […]

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season? Part 3

During my career working with 3PLs, many clients I have worked with are genuinely good charitable people who truly want to be helpful and solve their customers’ problems. Also, the nature of being a 3PL means they must remain extremely flexible for the type of customers or goods that they handle. This benevolence and flexibility […]

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season? Part 2

Ever been on the beach on a nice sunny day and get a text alert that there’s an incoming storm, but the sun’s out and the weather is beautiful? It always seems to happen when you’re on vacation and a storm comes out of nowhere. How do you stay informed about inbound weather? As my […]

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season? Part 1

Hello 3PL friends,  June 1 marks the official start of Hurricane Season. With this date on the horizon, Camelot has teamed up with ALAN to educate and inspire our 3PL partners to take action for the betterment of our local communities and those in need. Please stay tuned for our 4-part blog series offering different […]