Why Do We HEART Our In-Kind Supporters? Let Us Count The Ways


It’s hard to believe.  But we’re now a month into 2022 – and less than two weeks away from one of ALAN’s favorite holidays.

I’m talking, of course, about ALANtines Day, that special time of year when we take a moment to show some extra love for all of our extraordinary supporters.

This year instead of chocolate or Necco hearts, we’d like to give you something that’s much more meaningful: a sweet look back at some of the most memorable in-kind donations ALAN has facilitated since last ALANtines Day.

Some of these donations supported relief efforts for Hurricane Ida– or for the many people who still struggle to put food on the table.  Others helped deliver aid to survivors of the December tornadoes, Tennessee floods, Texas Freeze and COVID-19.  But all of them add up to nearly a million additional reasons why our hearts are especially full this year.


Meals per year that Good Samaritans is able to distribute even more efficiently thanks to CE-DFW’s donated pallet jack


Pounds of food per year that Sunday Friends is able to distribute even more efficiently thanks to Prism Logistics’ donated pallet jack


Bottles of water that Niagara donated and transported in order to help World of Giving with Hurricane Ida relief efforts


Pounds of fresh produce that Uber Freight transported to Louisiana on behalf of Catholic Charities after Hurricane Ida


December tornado survivors who received much-needed roof repairs when Amazon transported 18 pallets of tarps to Kentucky on behalf of Habitat for Humanity


Number of boxes that International Paper provided to help support Adventist Community Services’ Hurricane Ida relief efforts


Miles that CEVA covered in order to pick up and deliver 11 pallets of PPE for ADRA’s COVID-19 prevention efforts in Africa


Families per week that New Covenant Community Center and Food Pantry is now able to feed more efficiently thanks to a donated electric pallet jack from Carolina Handling


Miles that Port TMS covered in order to pick up and deliver Wiese USA’s donated forklift to Adventist Community Services in Bakersfield, CA


Miles that Schneider Logistics and Amazon each traveled in order to transport 36 pallets of vitamin water and juice to Louisiana for the Jesus Alliance’s Hurricane Laura relief efforts


Pounds of N95 respirators that Double Diamond Transport helped World Hope stage and prepare for shipping to Santiago, Chile, where they could be used for COVID-19 prevention


Pallets of boxes that JB Hunt transported to Illinois on behalf of the Salvation Army’s COVID-19 relief efforts


Pallets of hand sanitizer that UPS transported to Arizona for World Emergency Relief’s COVID-19 prevention efforts


Pallets of water that Amazon transported in order to help the NACC with Texas Freeze relief efforts


Pieces of industrial equipment (a pallet jack and a floor scrubber) that Equipment Depot and Tennant Company loaned Culture Aid New Orleans and a temporary food bank in Kentucky after Hurricane Ida and the December tornadoes


Forklift that LiftOne loaned in order to help Volunteer Tennessee/Southern Baptist provide food services after the Tennessee Floods



ALAN’s gratitude to all of the above organizations for making these humanitarian efforts possible.  To learn more about the good work that these organizations have helped us do, drop us a note at https://www.alanaid.org/contact/ to request a copy of our 2020-2021 annual report.  It’s chock-full of details about all of our latest activities, including updates about our Supply Chain Intelligence Center, Disaster Simulation and bi-weekly industry calls.

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