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Nifty Ways To Team With ALAN


Whether you’re a business with logistics services to share or an individual looking to improve your disaster readiness, there are numerous ways to either give to or benefit from ALAN’s varied programs, including these fifty (oops, we meant nifty) Paul Simon-inspired practical suggestions.

In-Kind Donations

Give us a lift, Cliff

(Or just let us use it for a few weeks so that relief supplies can get loaded and unloaded more quickly)

Offer your truck, Chuck

(Because we always have loads of transportation requests, including many we can’t fulfill unless people like you step up)

Lend us a jack, Zac

(It could be a game-changer for a food bank or other relief organization that’s been deluged with a sudden surge in demand)

Fill out our form, Norm

(Pre-offers of logistics space, equipment and services help us a lot, because it lets us know who we can call on for quick help)

Donate some space, Grace

(After all, relief supplies don’t store and stage themselves)

Send a supply, Guy

(Better yet, send us several, because shipping materials like boxes, pallets and stretch wrap can make transporting and distributing relief materials considerably easier)

Lend us your smarts, Art

(There might be a question only you can help a non-profit organization answer)

Say yes to a request, Bess

(We’ve almost always got lots of open cases on our Disaster Micro-Site)

Financial Assistance And Volunteering

Write us a check, Beck

(Because like all non-profits, we’re reliant on financial donations)

Give us some time, Hermine

(We could definitely use your volunteer services, especially right after disasters hit)

Share our best Tweets, Pete

(Or any of other social media posts, blogs or messages about open cases or disaster readiness)

Educational And Informational Resources

Play our fun game, Jane

(Our Disaster Simulation is always available to help you and your organization become more disaster-ready)

Come hear us speak, Zeke

(We present and speak at dozens of conferences, webinars and other educational events each year)

Check out our map, Chap

(Our Supply Chain Intelligence Center and its thousands of data points are available free of charge)


Join in on a call, Y’all

(Our bi-weekly partners calls with industry associations encourage collaboration across all parts of the supply chain)

Bookmark our site, Dwight

(It’s chock-full of helpful disaster resources, updates – and open ALAN cases)

Let us honor you, Sue

(If you or your organization are doing something to make the world a better place, let us know about it by nominating yourself for one of ALAN’s Humanitarian Logistics Awards)

Want to know more, Seymour?   

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