Help the American Logistics Aid Network respond to every U.S. disaster in 2024.

Reducing Waste:

ALAN’s approach minimizes waste by reducing product and service duplication, thereby maximizing the impact of every contribution. This not only helps those affected but also conserves resources.

Supply Chain Experts:

Our network of logistics and supply chain donors combined with ALAN’s humanitarian expertise offers seamless supply chain support to disaster relief organizations and community-based organizations before, during and after a disaster.

Needs Driven:

ALAN’s coordination and convening efforts identify and relay needs across multi-sector partners, reducing misalignment and delivering what is truly needed


0 %
of the funds donated to disasters are spent on logistics
0 %
of these funds are wasted due to a lack of expertise in humanitarian supply chain and logistics

Humanitarian Logistics Council

Our mission is to unite industry leaders in a shared commitment to reducing waste and provide invaluable support in humanitarian logistics, reinforcing ALAN’s ability to respond and lead in the disaster ecosystem. 

The Logistics Relief Council is dedicated to redefining humanitarian logistics, bringing together strategic leaders to eliminate waste, maximize community engagement, and elevate ALAN as the primary logistics and supply chain authority in disaster response and recovery efforts.


  1. Custom co-branded giving pages
  2. Situation reports and call
    coordination during disasters and in early response and long-term recovery
  3. Support your ability to define and articulate the mutual benefits of your collective purpose agenda across your value chain
  4. Resource utilization and impact reporting to support the needs of your stakeholder and customer communications


  1. Financial Commitment: Give or get $25,000 as an annual financial commitment.
  2. Advise: Attend quarterly coordination calls to provide insights and best practices to the challenges facing disaster response.
  3. Asset Commitment: Make a committment of resources, equipment and expertise to help facilitate ALAN’s work in disaster.