A Roadmap To Water

Disaster recovery is never a single-handed effort. From a logistical standpoint alone, there’s a complex value chain of suppliers, distributors, transporters, donors, coordinators and volunteers who need to work in sync to ensure survivors receive the care and resources they need. Luckily, ALAN exists to connect all of these moving pieces and make disaster relief […]

Cool Donation. Warm-Hearted Logistics Assistance.

Authored by Shelby Grebbin   An influx of food donations looked like an answer to prayer for a regional food bank at the start of the pandemic – except for the fact that it didn’t have enough trucks, drivers, and refrigerator units to safely store and deliver them. When restaurants shuttered their doors during the […]

The Kids Are All Right. With A Little Logistics Assistance.

Authored by Shelby Grebbin   How ALAN’s in-kind donors help us work with non-profits to help children and families during the most difficult of times. In the wake of disaster, non-profits that support families and children are often tasked with the unimaginable – figuring out a way to meet a dramatic increase in demand in […]

The Show(room) Must Go On

It may not take a village to get 30 rooms’ worth of donated furniture to families whose homes have been impacted by record flooding.  However it does require a facility large enough to store and stage all of the pieces, which is what ALAN partner Celtic Studios was kind enough to provide to Good360 and […]

Storm Troopers

When it comes to helping with hurricane relief in the Caribbean (and beyond) Performance Team’s Miami facility is often in a category all by itself.  As a longtime resident of Miami, Performance Team’s Manuel “Manny” Pappaterra is no stranger to the effects of hurricanes. But lately he and his South Florida co-workers have been rubbing […]

(B)room For Kindness

When an offer of 150 pallets’ worth of free cleaning and personal hygiene supplies crossed its path, Good360 didn’t have the space to accept them — or the heart to turn them down when they were so needed by those impacted by disasters.  Here’s all the “dirt” about how ALAN and The Shippers Group made […]

Helping Haiti Stay Covered

When Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti, this flatbed truck helped haul some of the tarps that served as roofs for several of the island’s damaged buildings.

Liquid Life

In 2016, dangerous contamination left more than 100,000 residents of Flint, Michigan without access to clean, safe drinking water. While many non-profits stepped up with critical donations of water and filters, the one thing they didn’t have was the ability to get either one of those things delivered – until ALAN and the logistics community […]